The massage parlor ads, escort services and daily journalism?

The massage parlor ads, escort services and daily journalism?

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof has an ongoing campaign against the peddlers of sex in alternative news publications. His targets are and the Village Voice, which make a hefty profit by selling print and online ads devoted to thinly disguised prostitution. Kristof identifies as being particularly notorious for selling ads that direct readers to sex-trafficking sites that exploit under-age girls. Washington State last week enacted a law that would expose companies like to criminal prosecution if such ads involve underage prostitutes.
Few of us here at The Dallas Morning News like to admit that, occasionally, we read the Dallas Observer. But we do. And lots of folks around here are trying to figure out how the Observer seems to do so well financially while we’re in a constant state of struggle. I will speculate a little bit here. I suspect readers do not necessarily flock to the Observer for their quality journalism. And even if they do, that’s not what is keeping the Observer in business. Heck, it’s a free newspaper. What keeps the Observer in business is advertising, and that weekly tabloid is thick with it. Online, it’s hard to visit their site without being overwhelmed by all the colorful, flashing ads.
Not just any ads. If you look at the numbers posted by the Observer, you’ll find some telling statistics of what’s bringing in the dough. Let’s see, there are 26 ads for restaurants, two for fashion/accessories, one for home furnishings/home improvement. No, I don’t think those are what’s paying the bills. A bit farther down the page is a category called adult entertainment, which has 13,773 ads. Hmmm, there might be a clue there.
Right there on the Observer’s web page is a link to none other than And it is obviously a source of boatloads of cash. Kristof, quoting AIM Group, says has cornered 70 percent of the prostitution-ad market. But the Observer still has its own local share. Let’s go back toward the top of the local ads section, where there is a listing for Health & Wellness, with 26 ads that include links to “Let Me Soothe Away Your Stress!” “aSIAN mOMMY,” “Cathy’s Magic Touch” and other massage health & wellness sites.
In the interest of thorough reporting, I would click on those links to see what they’re all about, but I would probably soon find myself visited by someone from HR to ask why I’m using company equipment to visit massage health & wellness sites, especially since everyone knows my mommy ain’t Asian.
The journalism world is misguided in pointing to the Village Voice and other publications of that ilk as models of success in a market desperately struggling to stay afloat. We are looking at all options (well, almost all options) to maintain a positive revenue stream and attract readers. No one knows what the formula for survival ultimately will be. But if it means stooping to the level of health & wellness ads, I would opt for closing our doors first. These days, it’s getting harder and harder to define what journalism is. But I know what it isn’t, and nails the “isn’t” part on the head.


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So,Craigslist not the only online site for sex ads Others still offer venue for listings!


Craigslist not the only online site for sex ads
Others still offer venue for listings!
Craigslist’s newly implemented ban on advertisements for adult services does not mean such online classifieds have vanished from the Internet.

Many sites, including, owned by Village Voice Media, and the online version of The Boston Phoenix, continue to feature ads that appear to promise sex for money.

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley has said she plans to hold public hearings on how to address the issue, but Internet specialists say it will be difficult for law enforcement officials to curb illegal activities online.

“There’s going to be a game of Whac-a-Mole to try to achieve this goal through censorship — information will keep popping up online,’’ said John Palfrey, codirector of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School. “Strategically, you have to go to the root causes, and not just focus on the intermediaries, like the Phoenix or Craigslist, but directly on the wrongdoers.’’

Last week, the popular classified website Craigslist replaced its link to adult services ads with a black bar marked “censored,’’ but offered no explanation for the move. The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment yesterday.

Palfrey and others said the change appeared to be the result of pressure from 17 attorneys general, including Coakley, who last month sent a letter to the company asking it to close its adult section.

Yesterday, four anti-child-trafficking groups — the Polaris Project, the Rebecca Project for Human Rights, the FAIR Fund, and Courtney’s House — said adult pages remain active on Craigslist’s non-US Web pages.

Coakley, in a statement yesterday, said websites are “immune from liability’’ under federal law.

“That means that they do not have the same incentive or responsibility to police themselves nor are they held accountable for the ads on their site,’’ she said. Hearings on what to do about online sex ads will help “determine how we can best protect the public moving forward.’’’s ads yesterday included one from Nikki, who offered “sessions guaranteed to blow your mind,’’ while The Boston Phoenix site featured “Young & Sweet Asian girls’’ in the Braintree area who offer massages and shampoos by appointment.

Village Voice Media, which owns the Village Voice in New York and 13 other publications, operates the site out of its Phoenix, Ariz., office. It did not immediately return phone calls yesterday.

Peter Kadzis, editor of The Boston Phoenix, said he had not recently viewed the weekly’s classifieds online, but characterized any solicitation as a “victimless crime.’’ The effort to stop erotic ads on Craigslist, he said, has been “an election-year sideshow run by attorneys general running for reelection.’’

“We believe strongly in our First Amendment protection to run escort ads,’’ he said. “If there’s prostitution online, that’s for the police to deal with.’’

Law enforcement officials have identified Craigslist as one of the nation’s largest purveyors of illegal services, including child trafficking. Calls to crack down on such advertising intensified after the slaying of 25-year-old Julissa Brisman in a Boston hotel room, allegedly by Philip Markoff after he responded to an ad she had posted on the website. Markoff last month committed suicide in his cell at Nashua Street Jail, where he was awaiting trial.
Although The Boston Globe has long prohibited advertisements for adult services in print or online, some ads for escorts recently inadvertently appeared on the newspaper’s website,

Globe spokesman Robert Powers said a third-party licensee allowed them to be published because the term “escort services’’ was not properly blocked as a category. As soon as the Globe became aware of the problem, Powers said, it took down the directory, which will remain disabled for “a few weeks’’ while new filtering software is installed.
Jeff Lawrence, publisher of the Weekly Dig, a Boston-based publication, said he stopped accepting sex-for-sale ads in 2006. Prostitutes and pimps frequently came to the paper’s offices, Lawrence said, paying in cash for classified ads. The decision cost the Weekly Dig “hundreds of thousands of dollars’’ a year in revenue, he said.

“I’m not going to get on a soapbox and tell Craigslist or the Phoenix not to do this,’’ Lawrence said. “But you have to be an idiot to say these are not prostitution ads and that they are not being placed by women who are being pimped or underage.’’

What Lawrence just stated is total bullshit! Most of the ads around 98% are placed by independent providers who are over 18!!!

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Best places to find and post escort and massage parlor ads since craigslist bans adult ads?

Taking advantage of the void left when Craigslist eliminated its prostitution ads, three major websites increased their rates on prostitution ads last month, driving double-digit revenue growth. and two other escort-advertising sites drove their estimated December revenue from prostitution ads to $3.1 million, a 23 percent increase over November, AIM Group research showed.

The revenue jump was caused entirely by higher rates, because ad volume declined. The number of unique visitors to 24 websites that either promote prostitution or publish free escort listings in December remained flat compared to the previous month. The total number of listings on nine tracked sites decreased 2.5 percent in December compared with November.

The statistics indicate that the migration of escort advertising to sites other than Craigslist continues to stall after ads seemed to shift in September and October. Craigslist in September eliminated its categories for escort ads and other adult services in the United States. Then in December, Craigslist dropped the categories internationally.

Village Voice Media, which owns, increased rates in several markets. Before it eliminated prostitution ads, Craigslist charged $10 for a one-week listing in the United States. At the time, Backpage prices ranged from $3 to $12 per online post in 23 U.S. cities surveyed by the AIM Group. Based on an online review of prices in December in those same cities, Backpage raised rates to at least $5, although rates in the highest-priced markets were reduced to $10. Rates for reposting ads to the top of a particular day, and rates for highlighting a listing, also were revised.
Backpage, a general classifieds site that also publishes ads for real estate, rentals, autos, employment and general merchandise, is clearly the U.S. leader in online prostitution advertising. The AIM Group estimates it generated $2 million from prostitution ads in December, nearly four times the amount generated by its closest competitor, In August, before Craigslist stopped publishing adult ads, Backpage’s estimated monthly revenue was $1.4 million. The estimate does not include revenue for prostitution ads printed in the alternative weekly newspapers owned by Village Voice Media.

After convincing Craigslist to eliminate prostitution ads, law enforcement officials have started pressuring Village Voice Media. The company responded by placing Backpage’s personal ads under review and establishing some new rules for ads, but it continues to publish ads for escort services and body rubs, both euphemisms for prostitution.
The $3.1 million online prostitution-ad revenue generated by Backpage and five other websites in December is still less than the $3.7 million a month Craigslist was generating alone. In August, the AIM Group projected prostitution advertising on Craigslist and six other sites would generate $70 million in annual revenue. With Craigslist out of the picture, that estimate is now $32.4 million, based on figures compiled from September through December.
Two other sites, and, also have revised their rates. changed its rate from flat rates ranging from $1 to $5 depending on the city to $2 a week in every city. raised the price of reposting to $3 for four times, up from $1.

In addition to reducing its revenue, Craigslist’s traffic has declined since it eliminated adult services ads. reports Craigslist had 54.9 million unique visitors in December in the U.S., down 1.5 percent from November. It was the fifth consecutive month of decline. Craigslist’s unique visitors have dropped by 6.3 million monthly, or 10.2 percent, since August, the last full month it carried prostitution ads.

It’s hard to say where those 6.3 million unique visitors have gone. Traffic to the six revenue-generating sites tracked by AIM Group has increased a total of 11.8 percent since August, but that accounts for just 381,000 unique visitors. Of course, it’s impossible to say how many, if any, of those visitors formerly went to Craigslist to view prostitution ads. And on the 24 sites AIM Group has identified as promoting prostitution or prostitution advertising, aggregate unique visitors were actually down 1.1 percent in December from August.

Here are the December unique visitors to the top 10 most-visited sites, according to

The AIM Group tracked prostitution ads and, where possible, calculated the revenue they generate in these cities: Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, N.C., Chicago, Dallas/Forth Worth, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New Orleans, New York City, Orlando, Fla., Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Sarasota, Fla., Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa and Washington, D.C.

NOTE: There was an error in the Backpage ad count for November, and the correction is reflected in this report. The count for November was 27,000 and was under-reported by about 16,000 last month.


About the AIM Group: The AIM Group, formally known as the Advanced Interactive Media Group LLC, is the world’s leading consultancy in interactive media and classified advertising. It publishes Classified Intelligence Report, a continuous advisory service often called “the bible of the classified advertising industry.” The AIM Group works with leading media companies, broadcasters, dot-coms, yellow-page publishers and technology companies. It provides strategic and tactical consulting; sales training; proprietary and published research about interactive media, and other services. Founded in 1998, it is based in Altamonte Springs, Fla. For more information call (407) 788-2780 or see

This monthly update report has been funded by a foundation that has asked not to be identified, in part because it does not want to seem to be taking credit for the Craigslist change in practice, nor promoting other adult-services advertising media.

The original Sept. 15, 2010, report can be purchased at, and proceeds will be given to report’s sponsor. In addition, the AIM Group’s 47-page 2010 report on Craigslist, “Craigslist revenue to top $122 million,” is available through

Note: Peter M. Zollman, founding principal of the AIM Group, and Mark A. Whittaker, senior consultant for the AIM Group, are available for comment on the research. Zollman is available at 407-788-2780; Whittaker at 724-776-2893 or 724-553-8428.

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Are you tired of going to Erotic Massage Parlors & getting RIPPED OFF?? STOP IT FROM HAPPENING! We can give all the info on Erotic Massage Parlors in your area! Complete with pictures, hours of operation, ethnicity of staff, phone number, address, table shower, if they take credit cards, etc. Most importantly you’ll get the DIRTY DETAILS on each and every Erotic Massage Parlor and their 9481304_a_sexy_asian_massage.jpgProviders/Staff. SAVE YOURSELF TIME, MONEY, AND NO UN-HAPPY ENDINGS!! At – Massage Parlor Reviews, we are a new free adult website that provides the discerning gentleman with how to get the best value for your money with lots of articles and information. www.MPR411.INFO

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Corona man arrested and accused of rape in a chino hills massage parlor

Southern California — this just in

Corona massage therapist accused of raping client,no happy ending massage here!

Marc Anthony BrownSan Bernardino County sheriff’s detectives arrested a Corona massage therapist accused of sexually assaulting a client in Chino Hills, authorities said Friday.

Marc Anthony Brown, 30, was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of sexual battery and rape with a foreign object.

Brown works at “various locations” as a massage therapist, and sheriff’s department officials said they suspect he may be involved in other assaults. Brown has been licensed by the state as a certified massage therapist since December, records show.
On Tuesday, the victim came to the Chino Hills Police Department to report she had been raped. She told investigators that she went to a massage facility and that Brown was her assigned therapist, according to a statement released by the sheriff’s department.

Sheriff’s officials said that during the investigation, detectives “collected corroborating evidence” that led to Brown’s arrest. Brown was arrested at his home without incident. He is being held in lieu of $100,000 bail at the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga.

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Introduction To Your Nuru Massage London Experience

nuru massage london

If you have had a Nuru massage before, you will know how amazingly erotic it is. It is the most intimate massage in the world. It originated in Japan, and is an ancient practice. Over the years, it has only been available in the Far East, but now it is starting to become available in the UK.
Our masseuses are absolute experts in this art, and sensational is the best way to describe the way our masseuses make you feel.

If you have never had a Nuru massage before, then you are in for a serious treat.

The Nuru massage London experience begins with a shower. If you are having a 90 minute session, then it starts of with an assisted bath with your masseuse. This lasts for 10 minutes, and after that, your masseuse helps you out and takes you to the Nuru massage mattress.

The ambiance is perfect. Gentle relaxing music is playing in the background, and the room is scented from the aromatic candles around. She helps you lie face down on the mattress, and starts off the session with a mind blowing tantric massage. This is amazingly arousing. Your masseuse pours some oil on your back and gently massages your body. Soon, she increases the intensity, and begins a very sensual and erotic body to body massage. At this stage, it is exceptionally intimate, as she glides her body over yours.
After a few minutes, she asks you to turn over, and continues with an intensely erotic tantric massage, including body to body. The anticipation is fantastic, and the masseuses are amazing at this.

After a short while, your masseuse will commence with a lingam (penis) massage, which takes you to the peak of this session so far. After another short while, she asks you to turn over again so that she can commence the climax of your session.
Now The Nuru Massage London Experience Begins
Your masseuse now asks you to lie on your front again, and she then cups her hands in to the bowl of warm Nuru gel. She massages the gel on to her body, and also over yours. Now the most amazing experience commence – the Nuru massage London experience. She begins to massage your entire body with hers. The Nuru gel is extremely slippery, and so the feel of the lubrication between her body and yours is exhilarating.

She continues this for a short while in an exceptionally erotic manner, raising the sensuality to outstanding heights.

After some time has passed, she asks you to turn over and lie on your back. She applies more gel to your body and continues. Now the Nuru massage London experience reaches the most amazing height as she continues the intimate body to body massage.

Your masseuse instinctively knows when you are ready to climax your session, and she finishes with the most powerful orgasm you will probably ever have had as she carries out a lingam massage using the Nuru massage gel.
End Of Your Session

When your session is over, you are able to take a shower before you leave. Your masseuse will help get you ready.
About The Nuru Massage London Gel

The Nuru gel is a completely natural product. It comes from Japan and is extracted from a special sea weed. The gel is tasteless and completely odourless. It is water based and does not leave any residue. Further more, it is very good for your skin, and provides great skin therapy.
Nuru Massage London Rates

Our rates are exceptionally competitive, and our massage offers way more than any other provider we have come across. The sensation and exhilaration that you get from our trained masseuses is incredible. The value you receive is absolutely unbeatable.

The Nuru Massage London sessions are available @

High quality Tantric & Nuru Massage Combination
In Call
1 Hour Nuru Massage London Experience: – £150
1½ Nuru Massage London Experience: – £225

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The Definition of a Tantric Massage
Definition of a Tantric Massage
The Tantric massage is becoming very popular these days. Sometimes, whilst I am watching the television, I hear the word Tantric come up from time to time. The fact that it is even being mentioned on prime time television shows that the term of Tantric is becoming known throughout the country.
The fact that Tantric is known is good news for those in the industry, but even though the term might be familiar, the definition is very much unfamiliar to people. This makes the question “what is a Tantric”, and what is a Tantric massage?

So, what is the definition of a Tantric Massage?

The best way to define Tantric is to take it back to its roots. All words have an origin, and other words that follow or include the root emanate from that. For example, the word predetermined can be broken down into two syllables. For our first syllable, we have the word “pre”, and for our second syllable we have the word “determined”. The first syllable “pre” means “before”, or “to come before”, so our word “predetermined” means “before that which is determined”.
When we look at the term Tantric massage, we can see that the term Tantric is the prime word, and is massage is the verb. The prime word Tantric comes from the ancient Hindu religion, and is derived from the term “Tantra”. Tantra is to do with or includes the involvement or exercising of energies within the human body. It involves harnessing those energies for the well-being of the individual, and for the promotion of sexual, emotional, mental and physical health.
The Tantric massage encapsulates Tantra and draws on the sexual energies within a person. The Tantric massage is an unhurried session between the Tantric therapist (masseuse or masseur) and the individual. The Tantric process involved within the massage is a build up and release of full body orgasms. These are very powerful, and when carried out by an experienced trained Tantric masseuse or masseur initiates the release of the energies within the person to restore health particularly in the sexual areas of the individual.

The Tantric massage is a very sensual encounter between you the individual and the masseuse or masseur. It is not like any other massage that you may have had. It is very intimate and arousing and very exciting.

If you have never had a Tantric massage, then I strongly recommend that you try it!

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This really happened, it’s not just a story. I just remember it that well.

The reviews on this place are hits and misses, so maybe I got lucky. It’s about 10am on a Friday morning and I had the munchies. Parked in the back of the plaza cause I missed the driveway. While walking to the donut shop, I walk through the hallway where this place is located and stopped and decided to check it out. I walk in and am greeted by the Mammasan but she doesn’t speak English, they are speaking Korean. So Julie, (Provider) walks up and says what would I like? I ask her for her rates, and she says, “For you $40 half-hour special today.” I agree and she leads me to room which is adjacent to the hallway that I walked into.

She smiles at me and taps my butt and says, “Take everything off, I’ll be right back.” 2 minutes later, she comes in and starts massaging me and asks how hard I like it. “Medium.” I say. She continues talking and I let her know it’s kinda cold in the room and she says, “They haven’t fixed the heater yet, I’m sorry. But, I can warm you up if you like.” I smile at her and say, “Okay.”
She then slides her hand down my left leg and back up and does the same on the right side but ending up with both her middle and ring finger around my balls. She asks, “Warm enough for you?” I tell her, “Not yet.” And we laugh. She spanks me and tells me that it’s $100 to get her and I completely warmed up. I tell her okay and flip over.

She starts by getting on top of me still fully clothed wearing Victoria Secret “Pink” yoga pants and a low cut red blouse that exposes her bust.

Measurements were: 34D/32/34 -Age:35-40′ish -Face: 7.5/10 -Body Skin: Clear, no acne scars.

Anyway, she’s massaging me fully clothed starting from my head, down to my neck, and then to my shoulders. She leans in and kisses me and slides her right hand down from my shoulder, across my chest and slides down to end up grabbing my shaft. She laughs and asks, “Hot yet?” I say, “Still cold.” So she pulls off her blouse and I help pop off her bra, then she buries my face in her tits while stroking me hard.

I lay back and she starts licking me from my chest down and ends with my penis in her mouth for a little BBBJ. She tells me to shift and sit up and turn to the side, then while she’s still sucking me, she slides out of her yoga pants and panties. Rolls on the condom and continues the CBJ. She then mounts me in CG position and rotate on the table so I can lay down and enjoy it with 1 hand behind my head and the other on her left breast.

She then spins and proceeds with RCG and I just absolutely love it. She’s has a nice ass for an asian lady and knows how to work it. We switch positions to missionary and I pound the hell out of her while she moans like crazy, then flips over for some doggie. I tell her to lay flat and do the Snake position cause it’s so tight and makes the condom feel like it’s not even there. Then she tells me to lay down while she finishes me off. She grabs the spare towel then rips off the condom. She then proceeds to give me a HJ but crown it with her mouth. I surprised her and came on her face. She laughed. She cleaned me up with a warm towel and gave me a goodbye tug and suck, then proceeded to help me dress.

1/2hr $40

Amount tipped $100

Attendant’s name: Julie

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New Massage Parlor in Los Angeles,get ready for more happy ending massages!

New Massage Parlor in Los Angeles

by Massage Girl
I’m involved in the opening of a new massage parlor in Los Angeles. It is under the radar for now, because the owner doesn’t have a CO (certificate of occupancy) but it will be legit one day soon. Funny thing is, since it is not legit, it is really not legit. Understand?
Massage girls think like this: if you’re breaking the law, you might as well get paid. So if merely being in a no-CO business makes you liable for prosecution, why not whore for money? A lesser perspective has been prevalent for many years in the Chinese massage parlors, compared to Korean massage parlors. The koreans will give hand jobs and nothing else, almost out of principle. But the chinese massage girls say that why give a hand job for $40 or $60 when the law says it is prostitution? As long as you’re going to get dirty, you might as well get $120 so do full service. It’s a cultural thing, I think.
Anyway so we’re finishing construction, and the guys who put in the plumbing are raising the costs every hour because they think they’re going to get paid in pussy. Maybe they are, I’m not sure, but it is funny to watch them as they think no one is watching. They waste so much time, hide parts they say we need, and basically steal from the owner. I’ll make sure she knows everything I know before she pays the bills.
1 comment

Funny, I’ve read your Chinese-Korean comparisons before and assumed it was an East Coast thing . But you’re talking about L.A. and I can assure you that it’s quite the opposite here.
The Chinese places are a little dumpy and manned by older or unattractive (sometimes ugly) girls who give rushed HJ & BJ. Many times I was turned down for FS because the girl claimed to be on her period. I got lucky twice there but didn’t enjoy it as the girls were just laying there and were probably scared. One because they claim the owners don’t want them to go FS (they don’t have condoms there and some girls sneak their own in), two because if the place gets busy, no one minds the desk. They don’t think twice about leaving you to answer the phone…I confess I was stupid enough to go one-on-one with a girl who was the only employee on site at that time. What if the heat (or her boss) had shown up?!
8246666_20.jpg Now the Koreans are very savvy and cautious. They can have very legit-looking fronts and will turn down suspicious customers (“professional massage ONLY!”, yeah, right). But only in 2 occasions (once right after a raid), did I get only a HJ in a Korean place. Those chicks go all the way! (Maybe they call in sick once a month?)
You may have gotten bad intel from customers. I chuckle every time I read on a review site that a monger got “nothing” or “only a HJ from a provider with whom I always get the whole enchilada (or taco). Makes me wonder what the guy did wrong. WWW.MPR411.INFO

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my happy ending massage experience at an asian massage parlor in orange county,ca!

My Asian Happy Ending Massage Experience

Asian happy ending massages are all around us, and notoriously popular in the deep underbelly of the salacious world of sensual massages. But what are happy ending massages really?

My Asian Happy Ending Massage Experience, Asian Massage

This is awkward, but well, yeah, I’ve had an Asian happy ending massage a few times now.
So what’s my happy ending massage experience all about? Here we go.

My tryst with happy ending massages

It all started while I was browsing a “family unfriendly” website late at night.
Bored and tired, especially my hands, I started scrolling through pages and deep muffled moans until my eyes stared to droop.

I was bored of watching Movies on cable tv.

so i was surfing the web for some asian porn and came across a great massage parlor reviews and info site; MPR411.INFO

But something caught my eye at the bottom of one page I was viewing.

I could see a gorgeous Asian girl barely wearing anything, and the words read “Want a massage? Happy endings assured!”

I clicked the banner and one thing led to another, and eventually I found myself writing down the location of a happy ending massage parlor near my place.

What is a happy ending massage?

For the less informed, a happy ending massage is a massage that is performed by a girl on a guy, and the girl finishes off the guy with a full blown handjob or more. Now that is pretty exciting, and definitely a fetish straight out of a fantasy world for most men. [Read: Top 10 sexual fantasies for men and Top 10 female sexual fantasies]

Getting felt up by a girl who’s a stranger, and getting a handjob too? If that isn’t every guy’s fantasy, what is?

My first happy ending massage

The next weekend, I found myself standing in a bustling Asian lane, small and full of shops, and staring at a board that looked new and flashy. Quite unlike the dingy, shabby places you’d expect to see after reading reviews of happy ending massages!

I walked into the parlor and was introduced to a bevy of petite Asians, giggling and whispering. It was really awkward, and it felt sweaty. But I guessed they wanted me to pick a girl. After finishing up all the formalities, the parlor boss lady, who was a rather attractive older woman herself asked me to pay her in advance.

I found that quite surprising, what if I didn’t like the massage. But I didn’t go all the way there to head back home, so I paid her about a hundred dollars, for all the works, as she put it.

Enjoying my illegal massage

I’d heard that a happy ending massage was illegal everywhere other than in Nevada, so I was worried if there was going to be a cop sticking his baton up my rear end anytime soon, but I was reassured by the parlor lady. “No police. This legal. Enjoy. Go. Go.”

Somehow, those monosyllabic series of responses calmed my nerves and I lay down.

It started out as a regular massage, but it was exciting. I wrapped a tiny towel around my waist and closed my eyes as I waited for the good time to come. The masseur I picked was dressed in a sheer white top and a black bra, and was sensually moving her arms all over me, occasionally grazing her soft breasts against my shoulders. [Read: Tips to stare at a girl's cleavage without getting caught]

It was rather spine tingling, like going to a salon and having your hair cut by a naughty girl. You know, like those times when the hairdresser starts to get naughty and leans on you a lot more than necessary?

asian massage girl

Climaxing to a happy ending

About a good half an hour of massaging later, she tugged at my loin cloth and there I was, laying there naked like I knew this girl since forever.

Just flashing her gave me a huge erection! [Read: Sexy public flashing confessions]

She seemed professional, and spoke occasionally, barely audible but sultry.

Her hands found all the right places, and gosh, this girl was talented.

She touched me in places even I didn’t know has sensation, and for crying out loud, I acquainted myself with my privates often!

It felt good, and I could barely last five minutes. Damn, she was good and I was overexcited. She smiled at me.

“You come back again, and I’ll give you a surprise, okay?” she told me.

Of course, I was going to come back. I loved the experience. I tipped her twenty dollars. She looked at the money, and she asked me if I didn’t like the massage!

What? Of course I did. I gave her another twenty.

“Now you showed me you like my massage,” she gleefully added.

Me and the Asian happy ending massages

I had heard that Asian massages were good, but what I experienced was overwhelmingly good. It felt nice, not like what many people say. It wasn’t dirty, dingy, full of ugly women, nothing. It was a good Asian massage!

I was falling in love with the sensation of having a massage, and found myself going to her once a week. The surprises started getting better and I found myself having sex with her every week. I got to know her better, and we even started meeting up beyond our “professional” workspace. She was a nice girl, and very affectionate, touchy feely and friendly. At times, her surprises also included getting another girl in for the massage. Life was good. And no bitter endings here. Life is still good!

Massage experiences and memories

Now there are a lot of stories about these girls being illegal immigrants and poverty stricken, and my masseur told me that it’s true to a certain extent. But it’s not always the case. Some girls just choose this profession.

About six months after I first met my masseur, she quit the massage parlor and started working as a waitress, and she now works in a bank. We’re still friends, and I occasionally get a surprise from her! It’s not illegal to get a massage from a friend, right?

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