The Definition of a Tantric Massage
Definition of a Tantric Massage
The Tantric massage is becoming very popular these days. Sometimes, whilst I am watching the television, I hear the word Tantric come up from time to time. The fact that it is even being mentioned on prime time television shows that the term of Tantric is becoming known throughout the country.
The fact that Tantric is known is good news for those in the industry, but even though the term might be familiar, the definition is very much unfamiliar to people. This makes the question “what is a Tantric”, and what is a Tantric massage?

So, what is the definition of a Tantric Massage?

The best way to define Tantric is to take it back to its roots. All words have an origin, and other words that follow or include the root emanate from that. For example, the word predetermined can be broken down into two syllables. For our first syllable, we have the word “pre”, and for our second syllable we have the word “determined”. The first syllable “pre” means “before”, or “to come before”, so our word “predetermined” means “before that which is determined”.
When we look at the term Tantric massage, we can see that the term Tantric is the prime word, and is massage is the verb. The prime word Tantric comes from the ancient Hindu religion, and is derived from the term “Tantra”. Tantra is to do with or includes the involvement or exercising of energies within the human body. It involves harnessing those energies for the well-being of the individual, and for the promotion of sexual, emotional, mental and physical health.
The Tantric massage encapsulates Tantra and draws on the sexual energies within a person. The Tantric massage is an unhurried session between the Tantric therapist (masseuse or masseur) and the individual. The Tantric process involved within the massage is a build up and release of full body orgasms. These are very powerful, and when carried out by an experienced trained Tantric masseuse or masseur initiates the release of the energies within the person to restore health particularly in the sexual areas of the individual.

The Tantric massage is a very sensual encounter between you the individual and the masseuse or masseur. It is not like any other massage that you may have had. It is very intimate and arousing and very exciting.

If you have never had a Tantric massage, then I strongly recommend that you try it!

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This really happened, it’s not just a story. I just remember it that well.

The reviews on this place are hits and misses, so maybe I got lucky. It’s about 10am on a Friday morning and I had the munchies. Parked in the back of the plaza cause I missed the driveway. While walking to the donut shop, I walk through the hallway where this place is located and stopped and decided to check it out. I walk in and am greeted by the Mammasan but she doesn’t speak English, they are speaking Korean. So Julie, (Provider) walks up and says what would I like? I ask her for her rates, and she says, “For you $40 half-hour special today.” I agree and she leads me to room which is adjacent to the hallway that I walked into.

She smiles at me and taps my butt and says, “Take everything off, I’ll be right back.” 2 minutes later, she comes in and starts massaging me and asks how hard I like it. “Medium.” I say. She continues talking and I let her know it’s kinda cold in the room and she says, “They haven’t fixed the heater yet, I’m sorry. But, I can warm you up if you like.” I smile at her and say, “Okay.”
She then slides her hand down my left leg and back up and does the same on the right side but ending up with both her middle and ring finger around my balls. She asks, “Warm enough for you?” I tell her, “Not yet.” And we laugh. She spanks me and tells me that it’s $100 to get her and I completely warmed up. I tell her okay and flip over.

She starts by getting on top of me still fully clothed wearing Victoria Secret “Pink” yoga pants and a low cut red blouse that exposes her bust.

Measurements were: 34D/32/34 -Age:35-40′ish -Face: 7.5/10 -Body Skin: Clear, no acne scars.

Anyway, she’s massaging me fully clothed starting from my head, down to my neck, and then to my shoulders. She leans in and kisses me and slides her right hand down from my shoulder, across my chest and slides down to end up grabbing my shaft. She laughs and asks, “Hot yet?” I say, “Still cold.” So she pulls off her blouse and I help pop off her bra, then she buries my face in her tits while stroking me hard.

I lay back and she starts licking me from my chest down and ends with my penis in her mouth for a little BBBJ. She tells me to shift and sit up and turn to the side, then while she’s still sucking me, she slides out of her yoga pants and panties. Rolls on the condom and continues the CBJ. She then mounts me in CG position and rotate on the table so I can lay down and enjoy it with 1 hand behind my head and the other on her left breast.

She then spins and proceeds with RCG and I just absolutely love it. She’s has a nice ass for an asian lady and knows how to work it. We switch positions to missionary and I pound the hell out of her while she moans like crazy, then flips over for some doggie. I tell her to lay flat and do the Snake position cause it’s so tight and makes the condom feel like it’s not even there. Then she tells me to lay down while she finishes me off. She grabs the spare towel then rips off the condom. She then proceeds to give me a HJ but crown it with her mouth. I surprised her and came on her face. She laughed. She cleaned me up with a warm towel and gave me a goodbye tug and suck, then proceeded to help me dress.

1/2hr $40

Amount tipped $100

Attendant’s name: Julie

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New Massage Parlor in Los Angeles,get ready for more happy ending massages!

New Massage Parlor in Los Angeles

by Massage Girl
I’m involved in the opening of a new massage parlor in Los Angeles. It is under the radar for now, because the owner doesn’t have a CO (certificate of occupancy) but it will be legit one day soon. Funny thing is, since it is not legit, it is really not legit. Understand?
Massage girls think like this: if you’re breaking the law, you might as well get paid. So if merely being in a no-CO business makes you liable for prosecution, why not whore for money? A lesser perspective has been prevalent for many years in the Chinese massage parlors, compared to Korean massage parlors. The koreans will give hand jobs and nothing else, almost out of principle. But the chinese massage girls say that why give a hand job for $40 or $60 when the law says it is prostitution? As long as you’re going to get dirty, you might as well get $120 so do full service. It’s a cultural thing, I think.
Anyway so we’re finishing construction, and the guys who put in the plumbing are raising the costs every hour because they think they’re going to get paid in pussy. Maybe they are, I’m not sure, but it is funny to watch them as they think no one is watching. They waste so much time, hide parts they say we need, and basically steal from the owner. I’ll make sure she knows everything I know before she pays the bills.
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Funny, I’ve read your Chinese-Korean comparisons before and assumed it was an East Coast thing . But you’re talking about L.A. and I can assure you that it’s quite the opposite here.
The Chinese places are a little dumpy and manned by older or unattractive (sometimes ugly) girls who give rushed HJ & BJ. Many times I was turned down for FS because the girl claimed to be on her period. I got lucky twice there but didn’t enjoy it as the girls were just laying there and were probably scared. One because they claim the owners don’t want them to go FS (they don’t have condoms there and some girls sneak their own in), two because if the place gets busy, no one minds the desk. They don’t think twice about leaving you to answer the phone…I confess I was stupid enough to go one-on-one with a girl who was the only employee on site at that time. What if the heat (or her boss) had shown up?!
8246666_20.jpg Now the Koreans are very savvy and cautious. They can have very legit-looking fronts and will turn down suspicious customers (“professional massage ONLY!”, yeah, right). But only in 2 occasions (once right after a raid), did I get only a HJ in a Korean place. Those chicks go all the way! (Maybe they call in sick once a month?)
You may have gotten bad intel from customers. I chuckle every time I read on a review site that a monger got “nothing” or “only a HJ from a provider with whom I always get the whole enchilada (or taco). Makes me wonder what the guy did wrong. WWW.MPR411.INFO

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my happy ending massage experience at an asian massage parlor in orange county,ca!

My Asian Happy Ending Massage Experience

Asian happy ending massages are all around us, and notoriously popular in the deep underbelly of the salacious world of sensual massages. But what are happy ending massages really?

My Asian Happy Ending Massage Experience, Asian Massage

This is awkward, but well, yeah, I’ve had an Asian happy ending massage a few times now.
So what’s my happy ending massage experience all about? Here we go.

My tryst with happy ending massages

It all started while I was browsing a “family unfriendly” website late at night.
Bored and tired, especially my hands, I started scrolling through pages and deep muffled moans until my eyes stared to droop.

I was bored of watching Movies on cable tv.

so i was surfing the web for some asian porn and came across a great massage parlor reviews and info site; MPR411.INFO

But something caught my eye at the bottom of one page I was viewing.

I could see a gorgeous Asian girl barely wearing anything, and the words read “Want a massage? Happy endings assured!”

I clicked the banner and one thing led to another, and eventually I found myself writing down the location of a happy ending massage parlor near my place.

What is a happy ending massage?

For the less informed, a happy ending massage is a massage that is performed by a girl on a guy, and the girl finishes off the guy with a full blown handjob or more. Now that is pretty exciting, and definitely a fetish straight out of a fantasy world for most men. [Read: Top 10 sexual fantasies for men and Top 10 female sexual fantasies]

Getting felt up by a girl who’s a stranger, and getting a handjob too? If that isn’t every guy’s fantasy, what is?

My first happy ending massage

The next weekend, I found myself standing in a bustling Asian lane, small and full of shops, and staring at a board that looked new and flashy. Quite unlike the dingy, shabby places you’d expect to see after reading reviews of happy ending massages!

I walked into the parlor and was introduced to a bevy of petite Asians, giggling and whispering. It was really awkward, and it felt sweaty. But I guessed they wanted me to pick a girl. After finishing up all the formalities, the parlor boss lady, who was a rather attractive older woman herself asked me to pay her in advance.

I found that quite surprising, what if I didn’t like the massage. But I didn’t go all the way there to head back home, so I paid her about a hundred dollars, for all the works, as she put it.

Enjoying my illegal massage

I’d heard that a happy ending massage was illegal everywhere other than in Nevada, so I was worried if there was going to be a cop sticking his baton up my rear end anytime soon, but I was reassured by the parlor lady. “No police. This legal. Enjoy. Go. Go.”

Somehow, those monosyllabic series of responses calmed my nerves and I lay down.

It started out as a regular massage, but it was exciting. I wrapped a tiny towel around my waist and closed my eyes as I waited for the good time to come. The masseur I picked was dressed in a sheer white top and a black bra, and was sensually moving her arms all over me, occasionally grazing her soft breasts against my shoulders. [Read: Tips to stare at a girl's cleavage without getting caught]

It was rather spine tingling, like going to a salon and having your hair cut by a naughty girl. You know, like those times when the hairdresser starts to get naughty and leans on you a lot more than necessary?

asian massage girl

Climaxing to a happy ending

About a good half an hour of massaging later, she tugged at my loin cloth and there I was, laying there naked like I knew this girl since forever.

Just flashing her gave me a huge erection! [Read: Sexy public flashing confessions]

She seemed professional, and spoke occasionally, barely audible but sultry.

Her hands found all the right places, and gosh, this girl was talented.

She touched me in places even I didn’t know has sensation, and for crying out loud, I acquainted myself with my privates often!

It felt good, and I could barely last five minutes. Damn, she was good and I was overexcited. She smiled at me.

“You come back again, and I’ll give you a surprise, okay?” she told me.

Of course, I was going to come back. I loved the experience. I tipped her twenty dollars. She looked at the money, and she asked me if I didn’t like the massage!

What? Of course I did. I gave her another twenty.

“Now you showed me you like my massage,” she gleefully added.

Me and the Asian happy ending massages

I had heard that Asian massages were good, but what I experienced was overwhelmingly good. It felt nice, not like what many people say. It wasn’t dirty, dingy, full of ugly women, nothing. It was a good Asian massage!

I was falling in love with the sensation of having a massage, and found myself going to her once a week. The surprises started getting better and I found myself having sex with her every week. I got to know her better, and we even started meeting up beyond our “professional” workspace. She was a nice girl, and very affectionate, touchy feely and friendly. At times, her surprises also included getting another girl in for the massage. Life was good. And no bitter endings here. Life is still good!

Massage experiences and memories

Now there are a lot of stories about these girls being illegal immigrants and poverty stricken, and my masseur told me that it’s true to a certain extent. But it’s not always the case. Some girls just choose this profession.

About six months after I first met my masseur, she quit the massage parlor and started working as a waitress, and she now works in a bank. We’re still friends, and I occasionally get a surprise from her! It’s not illegal to get a massage from a friend, right?

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my latest trip to a new asian massage parlor in the inland empire!

Asian Massage Parlor in the Inland Empire,table shower ending massage!
I just went to an asian massage parlor. I’d heard that they do a good massage and I always have hopes of a happy ending. So I walk in and the mamasan, who looks to be 60, is behind the counter. She takes my money and leads me in back to a room. Now she tells me to undress and lie down but she just stands there. I take my shirt off and she reaches for it. I give it over and she hangs it up. So I take off my shoes and socks and she places these in the corner. So I take my pants off and she hangs them up. I hesitate but then take off my underwear and she hangs those up too. Now she smiles and gives me a little tap on the butt and says to lie down and she’ll get my therapist.
My therapist soon comes in and does a great massage. But that was it. No happy ending. But then she tells me she will take me to the table shower to wash off all the oil. She takes me out in the hall buck naked which surprised me. We pass a small room with a tv and two other therapists who just smile as we go by.
In the shower room my therapist tells me to lie face down on the table and face the wall so she doesn’t accidentally spray my face.This is where my table shower starts,if you have never received a table shower before,do yourself a favor and get a table shower on your next asian massage parlor visit! Now I feel her spraying me down and soon I feel her hands soaping me up. She really starts soaping my butt, balls and dick. So now I realize the happy ending is saved for the shower. After she rinses the soap off I feel her insert a finger in my butt and massage my dick between my legs. Soon I feel her finger slip out and her tongue dart in. Now she’s licking my butt, balls and dick. When she stops she gives me a nudge to turn over. When I do I see the mamasan standing there smiling, she is the one giving me the shower. My therapist is gone. Soon she starts soaping up my front including my hard dick. After she rinses me off she starts stroking my dick. Then she leans over and starts a blowjob and reinserts her finger in my butt.
Never had this kind of treatment from a 60 year old (maybe even older since asians usually look young for their age) but I soon exploaded in her mouth. She then soaped me up again and washed me off. After she drys me off she takes me back to my room once again passing the room with the therapists. I see my therapist with the other two and they all smile at me. After we passed I heard some giggling and talk (in Chinese or whatever). In the room the mamasan helps me dress and then leads me out.

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massage parlour embarrassing real story!

The Massage Parlour
From: Anonymous

I had been working at a message parlor for a while and I was really enjoying what I was doing. Nudity was not uncommon and hot women were always in there and the money was great. It almost seemed as though this was a place for women to release their inhibitions and just go naked. This was a respectable place and everything was on the up and up, there was no funny business or sex on the side, it was not one of those places, it was just a place where women came and relaxed. Still, I had not told anyone where I was working to save myself from the typecasting.

We all had our regular set of clients and we were assigned walk-ins at random. Well, one day two co-workers called in sick and the rest of us had to pick up their load. It was a very busy day but for the most part going very smooth. I had just finished with one of my clients and was going to take one of my co-worker’s. As I went into the room she was already laying face down on the table with a towel draped over her. As I started working on her I asked if it was okay for me to remove her towel and she responded with yes. As I removed her towel, she had nothing on under it, and as I mentioned this was quit common so I did not think much of it. However, I am a guy and I am not dead so I did notice her smoking body and it was very nice.
The client was very quiet and when I did try to initiate conversation it never seemed to go very far so I did not push it. I started working the oils onto her backside. As I finished I asked her if she wanted to turn over and she said yes, some women like you to do their front and some do not, however it is very strict policy that you do not touch their genitals. As she turned over I turned around to get more supplies. When I turned around she was turned over with a towel on her head (some women do this I think to ease the embarrassment.) Again, I worked the oils in and I could not stop thinking about how hot she looked lying there totally nude as my hands ran up and down her body. I was dying to see her face.
I finally finished and told her I was done. She then removed the towel from her head and started to get up. Being very anxious to see her face I as watching very intently, normally I would turn around to let them slip something on. As she removed the towel, I stood there in complete horror. It was my cousin. I could not believe what I had done. However, she did not seem nearly as bothered by it as I did. She decided now was a time to get chatty, and did not even bother to put her clothes back on. After about five minutes she asked if she was making me uncomfortable and I said yes very, so she then laughed and got dressed. She left and of course had to tell everyone in the family what happened. I now get a boner any time I see my cousin and I think she knows it.

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las vegas massage and massage parlor info.

A spa is not a “massage parlor”

The most common question massage therapists get asked is whether we are propositioned. Being a professional, I usually give a vague answer and move on. The truth is, it happens all the time. Las Vegas is a place where people feel they can disregard boundaries, but if you get a massage in a spa at a major hotel, rest assured your therapist is not a prostitute. The insinuation is a huge insult. That hasn’t stopped people from making offers (“I’ll give you $100 to finish me off”), exposing or even touching themselves, or grabbing me. If you do anything along these lines, realize that everyone on the hotel staff will know about it before you’ve left the spa, that your massage will come to an abrupt, unhappy ending–and yes, you will pay for the full hour!

Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene

We are happy to massage you after you’ve spent two hours in the gym…once you’ve showered. If you have something contagious, such as athlete’s foot, disclose it up front. Likewise, it is never OK to come in for a massage in the throes of the flu. Your body aches and a massage sounds heavenly, but it’s wrong to expose your therapist and other guests to a disease. We are paid a commission for each massage, and when we’re sick, we have no income. And FYI: Your flu symptoms will feel much worse in the hours following a massage.

Common courtesy

You’re sharing the facilities with others, so shut off your cell phone. And due to the revolting behavior we sometimes witness, it needs to be said: Don’t be disgusting. I’ll skip the graphic details, but suffice it to say guests have done things in the showers and the whirlpool that are so unsanitary it’s necessary to shut them down. A classy spa doesn’t guarantee classy clients.

Tips are not comped

Hotels offer high rollers complimentary gifts, or comps, in the form of casino credits, rides in hotel limos, meals, and spa treatments. The comp covers the service, not gratuities. Tips are a big part of our income, and it baffles us when comped guests fail to tip. What’s $25 when you’ve just had a $120 massage at no cost? (The standard tip is around 20 percent, preferably in cash or casino chips, and you can put it in an envelope at check-out or hand it directly to us, whichever you prefer. Tipping with a credit card is typically fine, but some spas add tips to our paychecks and deduct taxes.) Beware that some spas automatically add a gratuity to non-comped guest bills. The spa should disclose this when your appointment is booked and again upon check-in. However, if you really appreciate the work (say, the migraine that’s been plaguing you disappears) give a little extra. Only part of the automatic gratuity makes it into my hands; the rest is spread among changing room attendants and the concierge.

When we say deep…

Many guests, men in particular, don’t think a woman can give a good deep-tissue massage. They’ll even cause a stink when there’s no male therapist available. Big mistake. That female therapist will likely go to the extreme and give you a painfully deep massage. (We know what hurts.) The guest usually whines that the pressure is too much-or is too macho to admit it, and spends what should be a blissful hour in wretched discomfort. For that matter, guests who try to direct their therapist’s every move will likely end up disappointed. Have faith that your therapist is qualified to know what needs work and what doesn’t.


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massage parlor and escort ads

Massage parlor ads, escort services and daily journalism
Tod Robberson / Editorial Writer | Bio


New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof has an ongoing campaign against the peddlers of sex in alternative news publications. His targets are and the Village Voice, which make a hefty profit by selling print and online ads devoted to thinly disguised prostitution. Kristof identifies as being particularly notorious for selling ads that direct readers to sex-trafficking sites that exploit under-age girls. Washington State last week enacted a law that would expose companies like to criminal prosecution if such ads involve underage prostitutes.

Few of us here at The Dallas Morning News like to admit that, occasionally, we read the Dallas Observer. But we do. And lots of folks around here are trying to figure out how the Observer seems to do so well financially while we’re in a constant state of struggle. I will speculate a little bit here. I suspect readers do not necessarily flock to the Observer for their quality journalism. And even if they do, that’s not what is keeping the Observer in business. Heck, it’s a free newspaper. What keeps the Observer in business is advertising, and that weekly tabloid is thick with it. Online, it’s hard to visit their site without being overwhelmed by all the colorful, flashing ads.
Not just any ads. If you look at the numbers posted by the Observer, you’ll find some telling statistics of what’s bringing in the dough. Let’s see, there are 26 ads for restaurants, two for fashion/accessories, one for home furnishings/home improvement. No, I don’t think those are what’s paying the bills. A bit farther down the page is a category called adult entertainment, which has 13,773 ads. Hmmm, there might be a clue there.

Right there on the Observer’s web page is a link to none other than And it is obviously a source of boatloads of cash. Kristof, quoting AIM Group, says has cornered 70 percent of the prostitution-ad market. But the Observer still has its own local share. Let’s go back toward the top of the local ads section, where there is a listing for Health & Wellness, with 26 ads that include links to “Let Me Soothe Away Your Stress!” “aSIAN mOMMY,” “Cathy’s Magic Touch” and other massage health & wellness sites.

In the interest of thorough reporting, I would click on those links to see what they’re all about, but I would probably soon find myself visited by someone from HR to ask why I’m using company equipment to visit massage health & wellness sites, especially since everyone knows my mommy ain’t Asian.

The journalism world is misguided in pointing to the Village Voice and other publications of that ilk as models of success in a market desperately struggling to stay afloat. We are looking at all options (well, almost all options) to maintain a positive revenue stream and attract readers. No one knows what the formula for survival ultimately will be. But if it means stooping to the level of health & wellness ads, I would opt for closing our doors first. These days, it’s getting harder and harder to define what journalism is. But I know what it isn’t, and nails the “isn’t” part on the head.

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My first visit to a massage parlor (Asian Massage Parlor) in orange county,ca.

First Massage Parlor Visit (orange county,ca)
This is about my very first visit to a massage parlor. It was off the highway and I’d pass it morning and night going to and from work. Out front was this sign advertising “massage”. Then, one evening while on my way home, temptation got the best of me and I pulled off the highway and headed to the house. I went in and was met by this very pretty Oriental woman who was probably in her early to mid 30s. She told me the prices in her broken English and I took a 30 minute service. We then went to a back room and she said to undress and lay down on the table. I did but being my first time, I left on my briefs. She returned but was now wearing a bikini and did she look good.7288131_asian_massage_parlor.png Seeing this made me go hard. She worked on my back and while she did she kept letting her thighs rub against my over hanging elbow and did she ever feel good. I’m sure she did that on purpose just to get me aroused. Anyway, it worked! When time to turn over there was no way that those tight fitting briefs could hide what I had going on inside them. She quickly finished my front side and then bent over real close to me and ask if I wanted anything else. I said yes but only had $7 for a tip. She said that was OK. I got out the money and gave it to her. She then reached down and pulled down my briefs freeing my throbbing cock. She poured baby oil on it and started slowly running her hand over it. I went to feeling up her ass and legs while she did this. I didn’t take long before having a very powerful orgasm blowing cum all over my belly. She told me “you make so much cum!” as I was winding down from the orgasm. I had to lay there a while to recover and she wiped off the cum from me and cleaned off my wet cock (baby oil and cum). After this first visit, I then knew what to expect and would lay down right off naked and she eventually gave me my “massage’ in the nude too. I was always tempted to get into that beautiful pussy of hers but never did. I’m sure it was also available for the right price and I know it would had been worth every penny of the price. She sure had a wonderful feeling soft body. WWW.MPR411.INFO

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I Love Massage Parlors With “happy Endings”

I Love Massage Parlors With “happy Endings”


I love going to “happy ending” massage parlors. At least, I used to love going. I have been married for 3 years and have not gone since I met my wife. But, I used to go quite often. I loved going to these places because you can have a sexual experience with a beautiful woman and be totally uninhibited. You didn’t have to worry about whether they were attracted to you, whether they were enjoying themselves, whether they were having an ****** — you only had to worry about enjoying their body and getting your release. You could do all of the crazy moves and sounds and make all of the weird faces that you do when you **********, except you could do them in front of a woman and not worry about whether she thought you were weird. Some of the women were not very pretty, but some were absolutely gorgeous. But, it didn’t matter. The experience was what mattered.
I want to share an experience with one particular girl at a massage parlor I frequented. Her name was “Cookie” and she was one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She was Korean and spoke absolutely no English. She had a perfect face, long silky black hair, perfect breasts (not too big and not too small), a slim tight tummy and waist, and an absolutely perfect ***. She was the type of woman that I know I would never have a chance with in the real world — she was way out of my league. But, in this setting, I was able to touch the most beautiful woman I could imagine. I visited her many times, and she became familiar with what I wanted, so the communication issue was not a problem. She pleased me many, many times, but there was one time in particular (one of the first few times I visited her) that to this day was one of the best sexual experiences of my life. I was shown to my room by the hostess, undressed, and wrapped a towel around myself. Later, Cookie came in and escorted me to the shower room. She had me remove my towel and lie face down on the table. She began to lather my back and rub my shoulders and arms. She then quickly rubbed over my *** on her way to my legs. Then, she started rubbing my inner thighs. I spread my legs to allow her access. Then, she reached up under me and lathered my balls and ****. I was already raging hard by this time. I raised my *** in the air to allow her access to my ****. This was an amazing feeling!

Then, Cookie motioned for me to turn over on my back. I gladly did so because I knew this would lead to more **** play. Cookie began soaping my chest, belly, and eventually began to wash my ****. She was not ************ me at this point — it was more of a washing. But it felt incredible! After rinsing, she motioned for me to stand up. She reached for a towel and began to dry off my body. She eventually made it down to my legs. I was still raging hard, and my **** was sticking out just inches from her face. She continued to dry, not really even looking at my ****.

Then, she wrapped a towel around my waist and lead me down the hallway to the sauna. As we walked down the hallway, my hard **** was sticking straight up, and it was obvious under the towel that I had a raging hard on. She lead me into the sauna, sat me down, and then left me alone for a few minutes. I sat there anticipating what was coming next. When she returned, she sat beside me and began to rub my legs. I reached over and rubbed her shoulders and back while I looked into her eyes. She slid her hand under my towel and began to stroke my ****. I was about to go nuts!
She then lead me back to the massage room. She took my towel and motioned for me to lie face down on the table. She then took off her clothes, and walked toward me. I could have looked at her body for hours. She began oiling my back, ***, and legs. Again, she reached under me and rubbed oil on my ****. I gladly raised up to allow her access. Eventually, she motioned for me to turn over on my back. She began oiling my chest, and worked her way down my belly. The anticipation of her reaching my **** was so intense. When she finally reached it and began rubbing oil on it, I thought I was going to explode!
She then motioned for me to tell her what I wanted. She had a condom handy in case I wanted intercourse. But, I never got the nerve up to have intercourse during any of my visits to massage parlors. I was happy with the manual release. So, I asked her (mostly through hand gestures and motions) if she could lube the back of her knee and lie beside me with her leg over me so I could **** her leg. She climbed on the table beside me and began to rub her hands on my chest. She then made her way down to my ****. She turned so that her *** was pointing up toward me, and her face was near my ****. She began rubbing my **** on the side of her face and her chin. I was rubbing my hands all over her gorgeous *** while she was rubbing my ****. I didn’t think I was going to be able to hold out until the main event, but somehow I did.

She eventually made her way back around to facing me, and grabbed the oil. She lubed up the back part of her knee, her calf, and the back of her thigh. She put her leg across my belly, bent her leg, and I stuck my **** in. I started ******* like it was a *****. It was so incredibly awesome that I can’t even explain how good it felt. I wrapped my arms around her, grabbed her *** with one hand, and buried my face in her shoulder and hair. As I ****** her leg, she reached around and started playing with my balls. I was about to explode. My pumps became more like uncontrollable spasms and jerks. I started to grunt and moan in her ear. I know I sounded like an idot, but I absolutely didn’t care. I just wanted to shoot my load. The time came, and I blew and huge load. It shot up and hit the pillow beside my head, then left a string of *** all over my shoulder and chest.

Afterward, she cleaned me up with a hot towel. I paid her, got dressed, and left. On the drive home, I was so relaxed and contented. It was then, and now, one of the best sexual experiences of my life. But, I have many more stories like this because I visited these establishments many times over the years. I will share other stories if anyone is interested.

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