My first visit to a massage parlor (Asian Massage Parlor) in orange county,ca.

First Massage Parlor Visit (orange county,ca)
This is about my very first visit to a massage parlor. It was off the highway and I’d pass it morning and night going to and from work. Out front was this sign advertising “massage”. Then, one evening while on my way home, temptation got the best of me and I pulled off the highway and headed to the house. I went in and was met by this very pretty Oriental woman who was probably in her early to mid 30s. She told me the prices in her broken English and I took a 30 minute service. We then went to a back room and she said to undress and lay down on the table. I did but being my first time, I left on my briefs. She returned but was now wearing a bikini and did she look good.7288131_asian_massage_parlor.png Seeing this made me go hard. She worked on my back and while she did she kept letting her thighs rub against my over hanging elbow and did she ever feel good. I’m sure she did that on purpose just to get me aroused. Anyway, it worked! When time to turn over there was no way that those tight fitting briefs could hide what I had going on inside them. She quickly finished my front side and then bent over real close to me and ask if I wanted anything else. I said yes but only had $7 for a tip. She said that was OK. I got out the money and gave it to her. She then reached down and pulled down my briefs freeing my throbbing cock. She poured baby oil on it and started slowly running her hand over it. I went to feeling up her ass and legs while she did this. I didn’t take long before having a very powerful orgasm blowing cum all over my belly. She told me “you make so much cum!” as I was winding down from the orgasm. I had to lay there a while to recover and she wiped off the cum from me and cleaned off my wet cock (baby oil and cum). After this first visit, I then knew what to expect and would lay down right off naked and she eventually gave me my “massage’ in the nude too. I was always tempted to get into that beautiful pussy of hers but never did. I’m sure it was also available for the right price and I know it would had been worth every penny of the price. She sure had a wonderful feeling soft body. WWW.MPR411.INFO

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I Love Massage Parlors With “happy Endings”

I Love Massage Parlors With “happy Endings”


I love going to “happy ending” massage parlors. At least, I used to love going. I have been married for 3 years and have not gone since I met my wife. But, I used to go quite often. I loved going to these places because you can have a sexual experience with a beautiful woman and be totally uninhibited. You didn’t have to worry about whether they were attracted to you, whether they were enjoying themselves, whether they were having an ****** — you only had to worry about enjoying their body and getting your release. You could do all of the crazy moves and sounds and make all of the weird faces that you do when you **********, except you could do them in front of a woman and not worry about whether she thought you were weird. Some of the women were not very pretty, but some were absolutely gorgeous. But, it didn’t matter. The experience was what mattered.
I want to share an experience with one particular girl at a massage parlor I frequented. Her name was “Cookie” and she was one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She was Korean and spoke absolutely no English. She had a perfect face, long silky black hair, perfect breasts (not too big and not too small), a slim tight tummy and waist, and an absolutely perfect ***. She was the type of woman that I know I would never have a chance with in the real world — she was way out of my league. But, in this setting, I was able to touch the most beautiful woman I could imagine. I visited her many times, and she became familiar with what I wanted, so the communication issue was not a problem. She pleased me many, many times, but there was one time in particular (one of the first few times I visited her) that to this day was one of the best sexual experiences of my life. I was shown to my room by the hostess, undressed, and wrapped a towel around myself. Later, Cookie came in and escorted me to the shower room. She had me remove my towel and lie face down on the table. She began to lather my back and rub my shoulders and arms. She then quickly rubbed over my *** on her way to my legs. Then, she started rubbing my inner thighs. I spread my legs to allow her access. Then, she reached up under me and lathered my balls and ****. I was already raging hard by this time. I raised my *** in the air to allow her access to my ****. This was an amazing feeling!

Then, Cookie motioned for me to turn over on my back. I gladly did so because I knew this would lead to more **** play. Cookie began soaping my chest, belly, and eventually began to wash my ****. She was not ************ me at this point — it was more of a washing. But it felt incredible! After rinsing, she motioned for me to stand up. She reached for a towel and began to dry off my body. She eventually made it down to my legs. I was still raging hard, and my **** was sticking out just inches from her face. She continued to dry, not really even looking at my ****.

Then, she wrapped a towel around my waist and lead me down the hallway to the sauna. As we walked down the hallway, my hard **** was sticking straight up, and it was obvious under the towel that I had a raging hard on. She lead me into the sauna, sat me down, and then left me alone for a few minutes. I sat there anticipating what was coming next. When she returned, she sat beside me and began to rub my legs. I reached over and rubbed her shoulders and back while I looked into her eyes. She slid her hand under my towel and began to stroke my ****. I was about to go nuts!
She then lead me back to the massage room. She took my towel and motioned for me to lie face down on the table. She then took off her clothes, and walked toward me. I could have looked at her body for hours. She began oiling my back, ***, and legs. Again, she reached under me and rubbed oil on my ****. I gladly raised up to allow her access. Eventually, she motioned for me to turn over on my back. She began oiling my chest, and worked her way down my belly. The anticipation of her reaching my **** was so intense. When she finally reached it and began rubbing oil on it, I thought I was going to explode!
She then motioned for me to tell her what I wanted. She had a condom handy in case I wanted intercourse. But, I never got the nerve up to have intercourse during any of my visits to massage parlors. I was happy with the manual release. So, I asked her (mostly through hand gestures and motions) if she could lube the back of her knee and lie beside me with her leg over me so I could **** her leg. She climbed on the table beside me and began to rub her hands on my chest. She then made her way down to my ****. She turned so that her *** was pointing up toward me, and her face was near my ****. She began rubbing my **** on the side of her face and her chin. I was rubbing my hands all over her gorgeous *** while she was rubbing my ****. I didn’t think I was going to be able to hold out until the main event, but somehow I did.

She eventually made her way back around to facing me, and grabbed the oil. She lubed up the back part of her knee, her calf, and the back of her thigh. She put her leg across my belly, bent her leg, and I stuck my **** in. I started ******* like it was a *****. It was so incredibly awesome that I can’t even explain how good it felt. I wrapped my arms around her, grabbed her *** with one hand, and buried my face in her shoulder and hair. As I ****** her leg, she reached around and started playing with my balls. I was about to explode. My pumps became more like uncontrollable spasms and jerks. I started to grunt and moan in her ear. I know I sounded like an idot, but I absolutely didn’t care. I just wanted to shoot my load. The time came, and I blew and huge load. It shot up and hit the pillow beside my head, then left a string of *** all over my shoulder and chest.

Afterward, she cleaned me up with a hot towel. I paid her, got dressed, and left. On the drive home, I was so relaxed and contented. It was then, and now, one of the best sexual experiences of my life. But, I have many more stories like this because I visited these establishments many times over the years. I will share other stories if anyone is interested.

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sexy young thai girl offers soapy body 2 body soapy massage!

Hi Boys! I bring you one of the finest Thai Treats:
Soapy Massage(300 roses/hr.), or Thai Companionship (200 roses/hr.) I learned my soap massage skills in Thailand & I can bring it to you. A rare treat! For my soapy massage, just imagine lying in a warm bed of water, with our two bodies lathered up with lots of soap. I massage you with lots of water & suds. It is a full body massage that will leave you feeling refreshed and full of energy.
Me in an upscale hotel in Anaheim for Sun Mon & Tues only! 5’5″ 110 lbs. 35C-24-35 27 yo Totally shaved ;-) Pre-book now for my best rates. Save 50 off of Soapy or 40 off of companionship! I do one hour service, in-call only. Sorry boys – my time is limited. Text to 951-316-7111 to book, or PM me for questions. First time customers please text your name, HX ID, an at least one reference. I’m looking forward to sharing my Thai treat with you. Available 9am to 10pm. Please… Text only. You may PM if you have general questions. Cancellations lose their discount privileges with me. 951-316-7111-66498 Read My MPR411 Reviews: WWW.MPR411.INFO
6962429_a26581fa9aa5a126e0bf.jpg 6962438_5c73eac25fd071d2797a.jpg 6962442_589d10ac1d024fdd88b8.jpg 6962449_282fbe11e79a17a0b15b.jpg

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Sexy mature lady offering sensual massage.

hello gentleman,my name is racheal. im 39 and considered by most,from what they tell me a true {COUGAR}.IM tanned,toned and always keep myself in great shape.
if you are seeking a very nice,relaxing full body massage that will leave you breathless and smiling. with no worries,no rush and never an attitude im your women. i enjoy what i do,and always enjoy the company of my clients,,im not a young buck just trying to rush you out the door. my modo is a happy client is a return client. if you are a professional gentleman,that is seeking very private location for a massage so your business can remain your business and not anyone else’s im your masseuse.i work in private at MY OWN PRIVATE HOME,in a very quiet neighborhood,5 minutes south of boston. massage is performed on professional table,with candlelight and soft music,,i love to work in my birthday suit,,and draping is optional for you. i prefer undraped.i am not a full provider,but i guarantee you will be totally satisfied with my technique. {VERY IMPORTANT}!! if i do not answer the phone,please leave message at a number i can call back,,all calls will be returned,i cannot guarantee that same day,im either in a session or my call volume is to high when i cant answer,,i book appointments up to 7 days in if you are serious about massage leave # and i will most definitely return the call,,im a professional women,not a kid just looking for the next client and ignore everyone else,,your call and time matter to me,as i hope my time matters to you,,i dont like having my time wasted,so i wouldn’t waste your time.i am a women of class a dignity and you will be treated the same way i would like to be treated..have a great day and i hope to see you soon!!,,sorry if i miss your call,,all messages and inquiries will be returned if im not able to answer,,,and please gentlemen not to be rude or nothing personal if you are a new client please dont ask for “specific” details over phone i will be unable to answer you,.have a great day i look forward to making you feel good and very happy,, *82 857-526-6858 RACHEAL

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What is a Thai Massage?

What is traditional Thai Massage

Thai massage is a method of body rub in Thailand with stretching and deep tissue massage. This bodywork is performed on the floor, and the client wears comfortable linen or cotton clothes that allow for movement. It is known in Thailand as “nuat phaen boran”, the ancient massage. A traditional Thai massage session starts with client laying on back while therapists start to massage feet and legs first, then arms, chest and abdomen. 6946177_a_pretty_asian_girl_.jpg After about one hour of duration client turns around to lay face down. Therapist starts to massage legs from behind and the back. Afterwards Thai massage concludes with head and shoulders treatment and neck stretching while customer is sitting upright. The massage concludes after 2 hours. Shorter durations are offered while omitting parts of the original method. No oil or lubricants are used for traditional Thai massage.
It is protocol to wash client’s feets before starting a session. Some massage parlors offer shower rooms for use of customers. Normal rates for this old fashioned method of massage tend to vary between 400 and 1000 Baht for 2 hours depending on location and size of facilities. Small street parlors tend to charge much less compared to houses located in or next to tourist hotels.
more @

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very hot latina incall sensual massage in orange county,warning muy caliente!

Dare to be: Tantalized, tickled, cajuled, cradled, challenged, transported, transform, swept away, playful, enjoyed……. I invite you to enter into a peaceful place filled with soft music and candlelight. Experience the bliss and rapture of my skillfull hands as your skin tingles with my sensitive touch. All your stress and tensions will melt away under my soft and sensitive capable hands a habit to which you may become addicted. XOXO Karla *82 714-381-5890
Phone: 714-381-5890

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massage parlor story has happy ending and exras!
There is an old urban legend in the city of New Orleans that has been circulating for years. A legend that deals with a little whore house that fronts as a massage parlor just off of Bourbon street. I will not mention the name of the place (to protect its identity). But if you’re a pervert like me, you know what I’m talking about. I had been hearing of this little whore house for years, so I decided to start the 2002 year off with a bang, literally.
My little soldier stood up straight and tall, as if to salute my foreign friend.

The sad thing is I wasn’t even drunk when I went there with a buddy of mine.
The sign on the side of the window read “open” in bright, neon lights, so we knocked and waited for a couple of minutes until the door was opened.
A nice young Asian lady answered the door and let us in. So far, everything was living up to the legend. We paid a small amount for a “half hour massage” as we headed upstairs. The girl that I got was an Asian girl in her mid to late 20′s that was pretty fucking good looking. She told me to take off my clothes and then she left the room.
As I undressed, I giggled like a little school girl and did my best to wait patiently. Finally the door swung open. The half-ass massage hurt more than helped, but patience was my game plan. When she finally told me to roll over onto my back, I knew it was on!

My little soldier stood up straight and tall, as if to salute my foreign friend. She quickly finished the massage then grabbed my cock and said, “You want this, right?” I nodded happily realizing the legend was true.

I was about to make history.
We agreed on a price and entered the missionary position. We went at it for about 5 minutes then we moved into Doggy Style. That lasted about 5 more minutes as she questioned my delaying tactics. I couldn’t hold out any longer as I dropped what some might call the third atomic bomb on Japan in the last century. She noticed that I was greatly out of breath and asked if I was alright.

I was just fine.

I left the legendary spot a new man. A man that had just paid for sex. I was now one of those men that I had read about for so long, I was a statistic.
Oh by the way, little Asian lady, I will return.

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Receiving a good massage is such a relaxing, soothing experience. And if the masseuse / masseur is skilled, the result is so much better.

Sensual massage Massage can be stimulating or soothing depending on the speed and depth of the strokes.
A complete massage will be rejuvenating, relaxing, profound, deep, spiritual, blissful, erotic, and even orgasmic, as in a happy ending massage.

Should a massage have a happy ending?
Well, if it ends on a happy note, then the massage was indeed successful.

The most common meaning of happy ending massage refers to a sensual massage that includes all areas of the body including the genitals and it culminates with a truly pleasurable orgasmic release.

If you decide to go all the way, to have a happy ending massage, then, there are some things you can do that will enhance the experience …

Happy ending massage 1. During the massage, try to focus on your breathing more than you normally would do.
Breathe in fully then totally relax on the out-breath – it is good idea to breathe out from the mouth. This way of breathing will help you open your emotional and energy channels in the body.

2. It is important to stay relaxed. Relaxing during a sexual massage allows the energy to move and flow freely in your body. This will enhance the entire body’s feelings and sensations, which can lead to full body orgasms for both men and women.

Giving and receiving a sensual massage is a great way to build closeness and intimacy with your partner, to keep the fire of romance burning.

When you perform the massage on your partner, it is very important to be slow and sensual.
Start out with feathers or silk, then move on to using your oiled up and warmed up hands.

Take your time and really enjoy touching your lover – most men touch way too fast and use too much pressure. Remember to slow down!

Do massage all areas of the body and pay particular attention to relax the tense areas such as the back and neck.

Spend a lot of time touching, kissing and massaging the breasts and nipples.

Tease by touching the genitals and move away. Repeat this a few times and your partner’s erotic energy will build up quickly.

From this point on, just keep going until the happy ending massage truly becomes happy…

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Who needs a good sensual ass massage?

Hello, First I want to say I am not a KID!!
I just moved here from Phoenix, Az. and I am having a great time.

I am a classy, intelligent women over 55 who speaks English.
I have been doing this work for over 16 yrs. so I am not dumb, gullible or desperate.
I truly Love what I do and you will know that when you come to see me.

I am VERY Playful and I love to kid around but I won’t take any crap.
The photos posted are the real me and current.
At the bottom of the page are more complete details of what I do during your massage. Please, Don’t call later and ask me…. What do you do?
MAKE SURE YOUR BUTT IS CLEAN…. I will be massaging it so please be clean – nothing is worse than a dirty smelly butt and hot oil :( I have baby wipes if you need them in the bathroom

Massage is $120 ( No Tipping required) for a FULL 1 hour massage.

1. I want classy respectful men ( ages 20 to 85) No one over 85, I think I killed my 89 yr old guy back in Chicago, never saw him again. :(
2. I do a deep to sensual glut massage which no-one-else offers and I spend at least 20 to 30 mins. on that area during the massage.

Appt. Times are…..
This Monday April 2 I will be available earlier.
I start at 11:30pm to 7:00pm ***Call AFTER 9 am ***

Tues. thru Friday ….I start at 11am to 6pm. ***Call After 9am

** My ad is on automatic re-post just because it posts on Sunday doesn’t mean I work Sunday. Come on guys stop texting me and asking me that stupid question !!
I don’t work week-ends… Thanks**
Everything I mention below is because I have been asked or had to deal with it.

1. I am NOT full service and never will be plus I don’t offer any oral services.
2. I won’t massage topless or remove my clothes so please don’t ask. I wear cute sexy tops so that will have to do.


Stop! Please don’t call or text me at 4am or 6am and wake me up either !!!
PS. No emails for same day appts. I don’t check til evening PLEASE CALL!!

4. NO Sat. or Sundays sooooooo Please don’t call or text me on Week-ends. I am out of Town and not at home so No exceptions.
Please Call me for ALL appts.
Stop!!! Did You Read the Info???
Please don’t call and ask me how much?
what are my hrs? or where I am Located? !!

Massage Details….
I Am the Butt Specialist because I massage your gluts. (that doesn’t mean I stick things UP your Butt !! I will massage your butt, therefore, my massages are sensual :)

My sessions are Not all serious – I am very caring and loving so if it’s ok with you I will kiss on you ( your face & neck very softly) I LOVE it and it will drive you crazy. That is the best part resides your butt massage. People need tenderness and I have enough to give away.
Please request any sore areas.

My massages include… Neck to Ankles * deep tissue, swedish to soft massage
Upper & Lower back * Shoulders * Tramps * Gluts and Inner Thighs, Quads, Hamstrings and Calves.
I do spend quality time on your Gluts.. You will miss out on something awesome if you don’t call me. :)


Heading EAST from Corona or Hwy 15… take 91 East exit at Riverwalk/Pierce turn Left

Heading West from Riverside….. take 91 West exit at Magnolia stay Right then Right on Pierce.

Continue on Riverwalk PAST Collett turn LEFT on RALEY (BIG sign says La Sierra University on the corner )then turn Left into 1st. driveway and then another quick left & find my parking space on the right #603
My apt is around the back so please go past Collett.

Esplanade Apts. Riverside -92505

6347443_black_2bjeans_2_07_2.jpg 6347448_red_2btop.jpg 6347450_arbonne_2b006.jpg 6347455_new_2blook_2b001.jpg 6347458_dsc05632.jpg

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The Las Vegas Cops vs. Massage Parlors,AMP’s,and massage providers!

The Las Vegas Cops vs. Massage Parlors,AMP’S and escorts


Sometimes it takes some chaos to achieve some stability. And during that chaos, you get to see who people really are. When things are stable, things can be hidden. When things are upset, hidden things get discovered.
It seems Las Vegas police have some personal gripes with Las Vegas massage parlors.

If you ask me, police are charged with enforcement of law. They are supposed to do what they are told, and are accountable to the people through their representatives. So whenever the police do something that seems to be at odds with their public charge, they should be asked to explain themselves. I they can successfully show they were following directives, then the representatives should be held accountable to change the laws being enforced.

In Las Vegas, massage parlors have a hard time meeting public demand for services. People want to go to massage parlors. They want to get massages. It is a 24×7 city, and 24×7 people want to go to massage. If the customers ask for “special services” then those requests should be declined. If the customer goes into the room under the pretense of getting a massage, and then asks for special services, then the customer should be told no. If a massage worker says yes, that worker is wrong and should be held accountable.

But when you say a massage business is accountable, you are wrong. When you target a massage business and don’t target other 24×7 businesses, you are wrong. What does a hotel do when a customer asks “where can I get a girl to come to my room?” They give him a number for outcall entertainment. if the girl agrees to sex in the room, is the hotel shut down?

Listen to this report from Las Vegas last month:

In what massage parlor operators call an intimidation tactic, Metro Police raided a parlor last week where a group of owners have been meeting to plan their fight against a proposed Clark County ordinance that would restrict their operating hours. Members of the new trade organization, the United Massage Business Association, claim the raid was designed to squelch opposition to the proposed law. In particular, they question why police entered the massage parlor with weapons drawn and then pointed the store’s wall-mounted security camera toward the ceiling before handcuffing the three women at the store. Police, however, say the bust had nothing to do with intimidation, but was a routine undercover sting in which a masseuse offered sexual services. The incident occurred on the day the proposed ordinance was introduced at a county zoning meeting. More than 15 massage business owners attended that meeting, where their attorney, XXX asked to meet with county staff and police to address the owners’ concerns. The county agreed to XXX request and put off a vote until December.

The proposal would require massage parlors to close from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. It would apply to all such businesses obtaining new permits, but the county would have the discretion to apply the restriction to those seeking renewals as well. Concern about illicit sexual activity at massage parlors is the main reason for the proposal, but many massage parlor operators say the law would devastate their businesses, which profit from casino workers and others seeking late-night massages. After the zoning meeting, the massage parlor owners met at Miyako, a Chinatown massage establishment that has become the new group’s ad hoc headquarters in recent weeks. The group broke up after 7 p.m., according to those in attendance. Then the action really began.
An undercover Metro officer entered Miyako about 10 p.m. Store surveillance video obtained by the Sun shows the officer speaking with the owner and then with a masseuse in the lobby. After paying, the officer is taken to a massage room. A few moments later, three more officers enter the store. Two of them appear to have their weapons drawn. One of the officers then circle s behind the front desk and point s the mounted security camera toward the ceiling. According to members of the new group, officers handcuffed the owner and two masseuses, who were the only ones in the store in addition to the four police officers. All three were women, association members said. In the end, the masseuse who conversed with the undercover officer was arrested on a charge of soliciting prostitution. The others were not arrested. The drawn weapons and the repositioning of the security camera are cause for concern, XXX said. “It is very troubling when police act in a way that indicates they don’t want to have public scrutiny or transparency regarding their actions,” he said.
Okay so someone wants the massage parlors closed. And a new law is under proposal, in discussion. So why raid the meeting place as soon as the meeting was over? Or better question, why go undercover at the meeting place as soon as the meeting was over? Whose agenda is being worked here, and why are the police doing that work?

Most of my customers come for the massage parlor experience. They get a massage, they chat with a pertty girl who knows massage and knows many customers. They might seek special services, but they don’t get them. They like to…hunt. No different than hitting on the dealers in the casino or the dancers in a club. Just because people talk about illicit sexual activities in massage parlors doesn’t mean they happen. The stories are entertainment! Dreams…stories….”tales”. It’s fantasy. And when a massage girl accepts an offer of a hundred dollars cash for a hand job, doesn’t that really show the poverty of her situation?

What’s going on with the police in Las Vegas?

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